03/10/2019 // We are working on "l'atelier di helene" @Casini d'Ardenza_Livorno_Italy

01/08/2017 // Preview Livorno - Trasformazione di una città


Preview of the work illustrating the history of architecture in the city of Livorno from the origins.



Welcome to my Livorno Issue. This issue explores the remarkable transformation of the city and goals and needs driving it. Through insightful projects, exceptional successes, and open interviews, this issue provides a comprehensive look at the metamorphosis whose scope and complexity goes far beyond the construction of a single building



01/05/2017 // We are working on "Palazzo Sud @Casini d'Ardenza_Livorno_Italy


Studio of the Interiors for the Palazzo Sud in the historical buildings of Casini d'Ardenza.


Historical Notes



The Casini d'Ardenza are one of the most characteristic and significant architectures of the seafront promenade of Livorno.


They were built in 1840 by Giuseppe Cappellini for the holiday of European noble families. The Casini d'Ardenza complex refers to the neoclassical style of Pasquale Poccianti.